Friday, September 10, 2010

Love Poems

Sometimes I start to become overwhelmingly aware of when I am "stressed out" from managing my home, raising my kids, and being a "hostess" to family when they come to visit by sensing feelings of tension, irritability, and agitation. I love to read poetry to help calm my nerves--a little brake and romantic escape from the daily annoyances that accumulate, and sometimes when unchecked make me a little nasty:

Here's a poem by Elizabeth Emery-

Slipping away when the moon is full
the sky a rosy blue
when everybody's still dancing
down to the lake
the moon reflecting in its deep green water
we run across the bridge
push the boat out
float to the middle without any oars
we lie in the boat on our backs
count the stars
we talk about fish and fuzzy towels
about pasta and shakespears' sonnets
you kiss me
I kiss you back
we make love as the boat floats across the lake
the sky blacker than a panther

Burning Love by Alan Frame:
Your love is like a storm of fire
Surrounding me whenever you appear
Sensations-from the heat of your caress-
Burn quickly (through my skin) to scorch my heart.
Your kisses kindle major fires
That flare with great intensity;
And when we kiss, the passion that transpires
Ignites flames of great immensity.
The flames consume me, but the flames are sweet.
They burn and burn-but I enjoy the heat.

The Cello by R. Earl:

The two of us, musically inclined

Took off our clothes and played together

On a stand-up bass

We strummed forever.

Speak To Me by M.L. Moeller

Speak to me not only with lip and words
but spell the words against my skin
so that I may not misunderstand.
Speak to me with music that fills my soul and not my head.
Speak to me not with words
but with the languange of the heart.
Trace your memories, your essence, etch these into my skin,
then when I'm not with you
I can feel you making love to me.

Love Is by Donna McGuire Tanner

Love is the candle of the soul,
Reason for tormorrow,
Comfort in sorrow.

Love is the breath of being,
Seed of maturinty,
Blanket of security.

Love is the echo of two hearts,
Mirror of emotion,
Commitment of devotion.

An emotion embraced by two
Love is you.

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