Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Pilgrimage

Today I visited a Miami landmark that I've wanted to see for some time: Gesu Catholic Church in downtown Miami, FL.  I'd driven by it numerous times, and had always been so curious about how it looked on the inside.  The outside is pretty drab and indistinguishable from all the buildings surrounding it.  I had the opportunity this afternoon to step inside, participate in mass, and was awestruck by its inner beauty: a magnificent and magestic church--reminiscent of european cathedrals and those in the northeastern U.S.  I've lived in the southwestern part of Miami-Dade county for 20+ years where catholic churches tend to be quite small, "no frills," and blend in rather nicely with many of christian denominational counterparts.  Looking at the outside of Gesu CC, I wasn't expecting to see what I saw on the inside.  I was so impressed; here were some pictures I took of this beautiful, beautiful church.

Gesu Catholic Church (Miami's oldest catholic church) was built in 1896 on land donated by Henry Flagler.  In 1974, it was added to the US National Register of Historic Places. 

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