Sunday, December 11, 2011


I loved you
Though in silence feelings diminished in time
Lovingly they stayed for awhile
Your apparition has faded from my sight

I loved you
Albeit for a misfortunate stake in vanity
You claimed you never asked it of me
Sketches of haze overcast by doubts and worry

Because you asked me to
I was misguided by miserly soothsayers 
And how once the love we made
Gave way to states of such abyssmal abyss

I let you go
Because you said to
And that love was letting go
So I felt this tortured need to 

It was because you asked me to
That I dwelt with phantasms' past
And held the soft touch of your face 
without a kiss nor yielding embrace

Although you asked me to
I never wanted any mysteries to prove
Not to you nor to the world
Just how much I loved you

-Iliana Mercedes Tersy

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